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  • ​ The TRB Golden Check card is made using                   high-quality materials. 
  • ​ The main material is a premium quality gold                foil that makes it durable.
  • ​Ships anywhere with a 60-day Money-Back                  Guarantee

What is the TRB Golden Check?

A TRB Golden Check is a collectible gift that is made for people who love Donald Trump. It is a great way to show your support for the former president and is one of the most popular gifts for the president. It is one of a kind and will sell out quickly.

The TRB Golden Check is a special check that is made by a famous company. The check features a geometric design and golden foil. It can be used as a gift to show how passionately you support Trump and the Republican Party. In addition, the check contains a QR code that allows holders to access the TRB system.

These cards are made by a renowned company and are produced with the highest quality materials. The gold foil on the cards makes them durable and hard to lose. However, if you are planning to purchase them, you need to be sure that they do not expire. This means that you will have to use them within three years, so you may want to order them ahead of time.

The Golden Trump Check is a unique gift that can be given to anyone who shares a love of the United States. It can be given to friends, co-workers, and other patriotic citizens. It is made of high quality gold foil and features a glossy finish and deep embossing


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60-DAYS Money Back Guarantee. At Patriot Golden Member , we truly offer the most stunning, trendy highest-quality products in the world. We will do WHATEVER it takes with outstanding customer service support to assist everyone as we highly value our customer satisfaction with absolute ZERO risk.

We make sure that every customer is 110% satisfied in every aspect with 24/7/365 FAST SUPPORT!
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  •  Thousands of people have purchased this TRB Golden Check and assured their support to Trump.
  • ​The quality is exposed by placing them inside a plastic case without paving the way for damage.
  • ​A 100% refund guarantee is offered by the creator of this TRB Golden Check that ensures the purchase makers.
  • ​It is made of a glossy finish and is elegant with extra durability, which makes it feel worthy of the money spent.
  • ​It is a novelty check that can be gifted or shared among friends, colleagues, and other patriotic citizens.
  • ​The TRB Golden Check is a high-quality gold foil with a deep embossing surface focussing on the picturization of affection towards Donald Trump.

How Many TRB Golden Check Cards does one Need?

Only a limited number of TRB Golden Check cards exist. Therefore, it is essential to determine the number you need before they run out. Every seven Trump Bucks will require a TRB Golden Check card. The card user can enjoy all the benefits of using Trump Bucks as legal cash in the TRB system.

Therefore, obtaining several cards would be beneficial. Once you obtain the card, scan the QR code located at the back of the card to get more information on how to use it and its benefits.
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Is it free shipping?
Yes, we provide free shipping & handling on all the orders! Once you place the order, our team in Colorado will handle your products within 5-7 business days. (Please note: we currently handle too many shipments so your order might take up to 3 weeks)
Can I get support when the product is defective?
Please feel free to email us at and our team will resolve any issue.
What type of shipping method do you use?
USPS and before that you will receive an email with the parcel details. For return package, the address is 19655 E 35th Drive. Suite 100 Aurora, CO 80011, United States
When will I receive notification of my shipment?
As soon as we receive the order, you will receive a notification of the shipment. Shipping usually takes 5-7 business days. (Please note: we currently handle too many shipments so your order might take up to 3 weeks)
Is there a money back guarantee on Trump checks?
Golden Trump Check purchases come with a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee that protects the customer from risk. The insurance ensures safety and helps people get their deposit back if they feel unsatisfied with the product. There is a statement on the official website that this policy requires prompt, prompt and full refund without any hassle.
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This is a commemorative card and is solely intended as memorabilia.
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